(Upbeat music) I'm Neil King from the Digital Access Team here at Vision Australia. Most clients we work with address accessibility at the end of a project, so they're retrofitting what they've already built to make it accessible. South Australian Government, in conjunction with Vision Australia, did this the other way around.

We worked on the policy, then we worked on the procedures to support that policy through the online toolkit, and then the Web Design System. Accessibility was front of mind and drove everything else.

Government websites are one of the most important tools for communicating services and connecting with citizens.

Citizens digital experiences have evolved, expecting the same level from government as they already receive from other business sectors.

Many government websites are built on static platforms that are costly and difficult to improve and evolve over time.

Often these websites aren't user-friendly, don't work well on multiple devices, and don't comply with accessibility standards.

The Government of South Australia has launched the Website Design System, a world-leading, template-based website framework simplifying development, and ensuring governments design, security, and accessibility standards are met.

With over 50+ components to choose from, agencies can create custom and compliant websites with minimal technical know-how.

This is an Australian first for government, and is the all-in-one solution for agencies removing reliance on experts and reducing the complexity of creation using our step by step process.

Website Design System creation happens in four simple steps, discovery, design, development, and delivery.

Here's how it works. Before agencies can build a website, they need to understand its purpose and their customers.

With journey mapping and analytics deep-dives, we assure that we have done the research to deliver the right website for the agency's needs including functionality, target audience, and any other system requirements.
We then work in collaboration with agencies to wireframe their website from our set of interactive tools.

With the functionality, design, and wireframes completed, our team will now commence building the website.

The Website Design System doesn't just ensure a great user experience for citizens, but our easy-to-use content management tools that make editing the website a breeze for agencies and our support staff are on-hand to assist with government publishing and advice.

Before each website goes live, our teams complete an exhaustive quality, content, security, and functional accessibility audit ensuring all standards are met for citizens.

Digital dashboards and analytics tools are also provided to ensure constant understanding of user behavior of the site for contiuous improvement purposes.

With already over 30 government websites saving millions of dollars, the citizens in South Australia are now receiving a more seamless, secure, and accessible digital government experience.