The left hand navigation is removed for demonstrating this component as a home page.

Usually used to build 'easy read' resources on content pages, easy read boxes can be included on the homepage to achieve the same outcome or repurposed as promotional banners.


Consider your audience. Easy read isn't designed to give a lot of background information.

This information is made easier to understand by:

  • using plain-language
  • using short sentences
  • giving the reader essential information on a topic

Pictures are also used to support the meaning of the words.

Feature showcase

We have a policy for making technology accessible.

Everyone who works in the South Australian Government needs to use our policy.

Use as a promotional banner

The easy read display boxes can be repurposed as promotional banners:

The Government of South Australia is the Australian state democratic administrative authority of South Australia.

Add this feature to your site

Guide to adding easy read boxes (requires log-in)

Top accessibility tip

Read our introduction to (and discover the broad benefits of) 'Easy Read':