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South Australian Government agencies can access remote usability testing and accessibility testing services through the Office for Digital Government.

The SA.GOV.AU editorial team are also on hand to provide advice on your content, user experience (UX) and information architecture.

Agencies can now quickly identify potential problems to end users, make improvements, retest and repeat.

Using our remote user testing service, you can test:

  • websites
  • forms
  • functionality
  • design concepts
  • processes
  • content

What we offer

  • help to plan, create and manage your tests
  • analysing completed tests to identify key findings

Testing is completed via screen-sharing software with your target demographic in their own home or office.

You also receive audio and video recordings of real people speaking their thoughts as they complete tasks you specify.

What we offer

  • key error reporting (basic check)
  • coordination of external Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 or WCAG 2.1 auditing (completed to a certified standard)
  • ongoing support to achieve and maintain standards in line with the South Australian Government Online Accessibility Policy

What we look for

For our key error reporting (basic check), we use a range of assistive technology tools to look for common accessibility issues, such as:

  • colour usage
  • videos are presented in YouTube or Vimeo as standard and include captions and transcripts
  • heading structure is correctly applied
  • in page presentation (paragraph length)
  • alternative text sample is marked correctly (decorative and informative)
  • all documents are presented as HTML in the first instance
  • all links are informative, no 'click here' etc.
  • table structure
  • keyboard navigation

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