The top stripe of Website Design System is used to place the name of your website. This shows on all pages of your website.

Feature showcase

Type 1 - Government of South Australia (GOSA) logo

The Government of South Australia logo is mandatory unless an exemption is sought from your CE and communications division.

Image of Government of South Australia logo

Type 2 - Name of site or branding

You have the option of either a text version of your agency name or a graphic branding.

Image of site branding Department of the Premier and Cabinet

Image of site branding Infrastructure SA

Image of site branding South Australian Productivity Commission

Things to note are that the stripe only has limited vertical space so if looking at a branding option it must be developed in a horizontal format.

Type 3 - Search

Search options here are between a basic built-in search (perfect for smaller sites) or a funnelback search which is an enterprise level search engine which over a multitude of features. This is the best option if you have a medium to large site.

Image of search options

Type 4 - Menu type


A hamburger menu is called that because it lists the site navigation in a verticle overlayed stack like ingredients on a hamburger. Universally it is identified on button by an icon made up of three horizontal lines.

Image of hamburger menu

Image of hamburger menu when clicking on it

Drop down

This is a navigation stripe directly under the header stripe. It has a "return to home" icon and the top level assets or pages.

Image of drop down menu

Mega menu

This is an option for large scale websites for displaying a lot of content in a drop-down menu while keeping a clean layout

Image of mega menu

Top accessibility tip

If not marked as decorative, all images must have alternative (or alt) text to describe the information or function of the image: accessibility.sa.gov.au/your-role/content/images