Through the Website Design System template, clients can choose between having sharp or round style applied to key fields on their site. This will have dramatic effect on features through out the site such as Carousel components, forms and their fields, search boxes and promotion panels.

If sharp is chosen then fields will show on the site as having sharp corners but if round is chose it will show these as rounded.

Feature showcase

Type 1 - Sharp vs round styling

Round fields
Image of style for contact form

Sharp fields

Example demonstrating sharp corners on a search box

Type 2 - Colour styling on home page Carousels (slides)

Round style

Image of styles for home page carousels -  round style

Sharp style

Image of styles for home page carousels -  sharp style

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Top accessibility tip

If not marked as decorative, all images must have alternative (or alt) text to describe the information or function of the image: accessibility.sa.gov.au/your-role/content/images