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This component has a number of options.

  • It can display as a carousel of tiles or a grid layout.
  • It can have a white or a grey background.
  • The images are 300px by 160px.
  • The tiles also can be linked to internal pages or assets or linked to an external url.
  • There is a maximum of 10 tiles in an instance but you can add as many as you like.

Feature showcase

Carousel mode display

Carousel mode - icons and logos

Grid mode

4 tiles

This is best displayed in groups or rows of 4 tiles. But you can have 1,2 or 3 in a row.

Incorporate your branding

Or change the colour via a background image, for example:

4 tile display

3 tile display

2 tile display

1 tile display

Add this feature to your site

Guide to adding feature topic panels (requires log-in)

Top accessibility tip

If not marked as decorative, all images must have alternative (or alt) text to describe the information or function of the image: